Life is about taking risk
Either you are brave enough to take the risk or preferred taking the safest way
When you decided to take the risk, be prepared
Not only you're risking yourself physically but also mentally and your heart

The risk you took will either end up with a happy ending
or the other side that sometimes causes your heart
But that's the risk you decided to take
Thus the one who should be blame is you. Only you

A year passes by
You grew up, learning a lots of new things including the reality of life
Not every one understands you
Not every one cares for you as much as you cared for them
That's how life is
But still that doesn't mean that you need to act heartlessly to others
Still in this earth, people who cared for you like how much you do, they exist
Don't stop being you just because some people throw rocks at you and treated you badly
Stop looking at the negative side
Start focusing on things that will urge you to move forward and towards a better you

You are scared
You are confused
I know
But things will get better soon
It is not a promise made by human
But it is HIS
Cause its bearable for you though you might sometimes feel weak
Its hard to breath sometimes
I know
Cry if you wanted to. Just cry if it makes you calm

And then stand up stronger
Don't give up yet
Its a battle of yours so why should you
So, shall we continue fighting?
Of course!


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