sensitive much?

There's a type of people who prefer to write rather than talking
What they wrote pretty much summarizes what happened to them that leave a permanent mark in their heart

People once said, its better to have gentle heart rather than having an ice and a cold one
But little they know, it is not easy for people who actually have this kind of heart

They often make promise to themselves that they will never let others hurt them again but yet, easy for them to break the promise as they forgive and forget way too fast
And because of that, people usually take them for granted

When they have the power to hurt others,
they refrained themselves from doing so
Tears was the only witness
Hoping that others will one day change their behaviour

They once hope to have a firm and heartless heart
When it hits way too hard
And they felt difficulty in breathing

They might be an easy person
They are generous in forgive and forget
But a person is still manusia
Never underestimate others
Never underrated others
A person with soft spot is not a weak person
A person with a very high sensitivity is not your punching bag

The only reason why they never walked away or talk back is just because of the love that exist in their so called weak heart
Appreciate them before its too late

-AAH, 2016-


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